Monday, May 22, 2017

Trabuco Challenge

Trabuco Challenge happened a week ago here in the Santa Ana Mountains of Orange County. Such a fun and challenging course that heads out Trabuco Creek Road, up Holy Jim, across Main Divide, and down Trabuco Trail...probably my favorite descent in all of Orange County. It's always cool when Tinker Juarez shows up to these events and even better when you get to lead him out the road at the beginning of the ride.  It only took him 5 minutes or so to get warmed up and then he was off the front with no one able to hang on his wheel.  I finished the 26-mile 4,500 ft race in 2 hours 43 minutes which wasn't exactly where I wanted to be but was good enough to nab 4th in my class and 11th overall out of 72 riders that finished the race.  Here are a few pics from the road ride out before the group split up as well as a shot of the MootoXybb!