Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moots 2013 & Training for VQ!

This year I'll again be riding for Moots, a boutique titanium frame builder that prides itself in providing quality road, mountain, & cross frames. These frames, as well as many components, are shaped, welded, and built by hand in a small town in northwest Colorado. I had the opportunity to visit the Moots factory this past summer when I went out to ride the Steamboat Stinger. Here are a few pictures from my visit. My ride of choice for this year will be the MootoX YBB. I'm a big fan of the efficiency of a hard tail and the YBB provides the near quickness of a hard tail along with just enough cushion for longer rides.

The 29-inch wheels are a must for the rides here in the Santa Ana Mountains of Southern CA. I've managed to get some good time in the saddle since the beginning of the year as I work towards building the endurance to complete Vision Quest, a ride that's only five weeks from now and quickly approaching. Last year I was happy with my finishing time of 6:29 (Vision Quest 2012). I'd like to better my time this year and ultimately work towards beating the 6-hour mark at some point. While I'm not sure I'll be able to get there this year, I'm still hoping for a good result. The Vision Quest is not a true race, but more of a test of yourself. While finishing times are recorded and many treat it like a race, there are no categories or places. I'm constantly wondering if I'm getting in enough training - and the right type of training. The past few months at work have been extremely busy and it's been tough to get out during the week. Last year my goal was to get out twice during the week and then a long ride on the weekend. Those quick hour and a half rides during the week, along with the long efforts on the weekends, I think are critical in maintaining a fitness level and endurance to complete a 6+ hour ride at a race-type pace. It's been a challenge so far this year to get out more than once during the week. It should be an interesting few weeks getting ready for the long ride.

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